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We are surrounded with and bombarded by a million different products in the United States on a daily basis, especially in the weight loss/fitness industry. How are we realistically able to choose the best thing for us when there are that many choices? Same goes for toothpaste, deodorant, floss, dog food, heck even toilet paper for that matter…TOO many choices. I imagine that the nice thing about all of these choices is that a person can really find what exactly works for them. At least there ARE choices, right?! Unfortunately, it usually comes after spending all kinds of money (even if the choices were affordable) just to find out that most of those things don’t really do what they were promising to do. Marketing and advertising can get overwhelming. I came across this post on Facebook the other day by Christine Dwyer, a superstar in the fitness industry and one of the most achieving Beachbody coaches in the company. She addresses the overwhelming feeling of how to choose what product might be best for you, and brings it back to simple terms…we need to nourish our bodies with “purity.”

“OLD DOG in the Fitness Industry. I’ve used it all. I’ve probably purchased everything on the GNC shelves at one point or another. And I can go on with the other desperate attempts of bad bad items I have used to try and achieve results.

I know we become product loyal, thats fine! I use to as well as I didn’t know other options as well as “did as the bodybuilding community did.”
I focused on buying all the supplements, protein powders, fat burners, energy shots and more the magazines and BB [body building] websites promoted. I was desperate to look like “that.” I wasn’t educated though on what was really in those mass produced products. And additionally, of course those peeps would promote it, they are sponsored reps or affiliates, duh!

Did you know that the reason X product is so much cheaper, can sit on the shelves for a loooong time, and stay exactly consistent with their nutritional value?
Artificial ingredients, fillers, and fabrication.

You may not be in your life journey to care about it right now, and say, I don’t care. It’s $20 for a 5lb tub! I’m buying it!
Doesn’t that raise a red flag first of all to you? Why so cheap?
cheap = cheap ingredients.
But I know I know, you are invincible. You won’t ever get old, weak, fat, lose flexibility, lose balance, and can always win at everything. I know. It won’t happen to you.

Age really does bring awareness and wisdom. Thankfully, the younger population is aware of this as we just didn’t know back when I was younger.
But to now learn of what those products are really made of and why they are cheap, can sit on the shelves, and be mass produced so quickly. Those products are like plastic. Made to hang around.

As I’m learning about what is best for my body to get the best results, changes, and to keep me young…it really didn’t strike me how important these areas really are, and how I know when I put it in my body it’s working for me, but not setting me up like a time bomb.

So yes, I’m going to talk about Shakeology. Tune out now if you want.
Yes I am a rep for them, but I’m also a rep for the Whey protein powder they sell, and I personally don’t use it, like it, or recommend it. To each their own. I personally don’t like the “taste” that goes with those whey proteins.

I have always been direct and honest. No reason to pull one over on someone, It always bites you in the ass anyway.

Did you know that the nutritional values listed on the bags of Shakeology fluctuate depending on the season? Since these ingredients are captured from all across the globe in the most nutrient dense lands- the weather plays a role on the energy level of that rare nutrient. This is why the calories per serving can fluctuate up to 10 calories per serving, depending on the season.

Did you know that each batch is quality tested? Not 1x per week or 1x per month, each batch.

Did you know the packaging of these shakes isn’t all done by machines for mass faster production? Because the machines can change an ingredient.

Did you know that the traditional vanilla protein powder out there really isn’t natural and pure even if it says it is? It’s a don’t ask don’t tell situation as when the vanilla bean gets cultivated, harvested, and processed, it’s only natural if it’s all done by hand. Not machines. This is why we delayed having a vanilla release. They almost released a vanilla about 3 years ago but then halted when they found this out. Until they found a location in Madagascar that HAND POLLINATES- think of a bee going from flower to flower, well, we have HANDS going from pod to pod! And additionally matures and processes the vanilla bean by hand and sun.

Honestly, there’s a lot more. The point for this mega long post is that, you may not be ready in your life to put value into what you are putting in your body. You may still look at it as powder vs powder- it’s no different so I’ll just buy the cheap sh*t.
Unless you really dive deep into knowing what Superfoods really do for your body, you may not see the value.
And that’s ok. Your time will come when you can’t do what you use to do and everything is so much harder. It all boils back to what you put in your body.” To see more of this post and others, check it out on her blog/website:

I still consider myself to be young. However, I feel like I learned this lesson the hard way and early on. I did NOT nourish my body with the essential nutrients it needed growing up. I was the pickiest child anyone could ever get. The other day, I was giving a short talk on Shakeology and one of my best friend’s moms brought up the fact that she always had to make special meals for me when I would come over. Stubborn, and plain jane are good descriptions of my eating habits. My parents tried, much to their credit, to get me to eat new things. I will always remember an epic battle with my father over peaches at dinner time. I was NOT going to eat peaches, and my dad was NOT going to let me get away without eating peaches. So, there we sat for about an hour facing off over peaches. Yes, that is how ridiculous I was. I did manage to gag down two peach slices…still don’t care for them that much. haha.

When it comes to “cheap” products, believe me, I’ve used them. I gained a little over 25 pounds my freshman year of college, which for my frame and build is a LOT. I was depressed and lost with where I was supposed to be in life. So, I decided to take charge of my life and used cheap diet pills and exercise to help me lose the weight. I successfully lost it and got back into shape. However, I still didn’t feel that great and I knew deep down that I hadn’t done it the healthy way.

Moving forward a few years to when I had my first child, I suffered from extreme exhaustion (I’m sure due to a number of things that new mothers go through). Some days I didn’t have the energy to do much else other than feed Brooklyn and take naps whenever she slept…that is NOT like me. I love being busy and active. It wasn’t until I had children that I began to really take my health seriously and start thinking about what I was (or wasn’t) putting into my body. Then, Shakeology entered my life at just the right time. It not only increased my energy, but brought vitality back to my daily life. And believe it or not, I crave foods that I would never have eaten growing up. Honestly, you can’t put a price on that. It has only taken me 26 years to figure out that it really does matter what we feed our bodies…haha. It all comes back to the idea of valuing our bodies, our health, and taking it seriously. We cannot give our best to the world if we do not give our best to ourselves.

If you care to learn more about Shakeology and what it could do for you, reach out to me. I’m here. I care. I would love to hear about your struggles, successes, and see how I might be able to help!

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