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Halloween Inspired Healthy Treats

  Looking for a “NOT CANDY” treat idea for your child’s Halloween party at school?  Try these super SIMPLE, healthier alternatives.  Ingredients needed: cheese sticks, pretzels, applesauce pouches, “mummy wrap” and black Sharpie. Broomstick How-To: 1. Cut cheese sticks in half and make the sweeping part of the broom by peeling the cheese sticks on… Read More Halloween Inspired Healthy Treats

home, ingredient, Recipes, stay at home mom, tips, toddler tips

Pumpkin Cuties for Preschool Snacks

  Do you ever feel bombarded with sugary, processed treats for your kiddos?  They love it, of course…which makes thinking of healthier alternatives for school snacks a difficult process.  I like to get creative and have fun with these mom challenges.  Some of my creations have been a hit, like these fall inspired pumpkins.  Others…not… Read More Pumpkin Cuties for Preschool Snacks


Paying It Forward

[youtube=http://youtu.be/dXpCPHHDphE] It’s not perfectly edited or professionally practiced, but I did it. I finally made my first video. I stepped out of my introverted self for just a moment to share with you my “why” for going on this fitness/nutrition journey. I figure there is only one way to make change sometimes…stepping outside of your… Read More Paying It Forward