Project Root Strength

Are you busy working, mommin’, and struggling to find a healthy balance in life? Too exhausted when you get home from a long day to enjoy little passion projects or have some alone time? As a wife and mom to two energetic and full of life children, who also happens to work full time and help manage our small family business…I GET IT. It becomes entirely too easy in our society to get stuck living the daily grind and routine…mainly out of necessity (those darn five letter words called BILLS), but also because it’s been ingrained into us. The responsibilities, pressures and decisions we have to make as adults can easily take over our thoughts. This, naturally and unfortunately, can lead to missing out on the inspiration that is always surrounding us. Do you feel like you are missing a little inspiration and passion in your life? What if I told you that you can find a healthy balance? That you can lead a life filled with adventure, even amidst all of the craziness of life?

INTRODUCING: Project Root Strength…my brain child for an all-encompassing wellness experience.  We will focus on our fitness, health, nutrition, personal development, and finding BALANCE in a busy world to help nourish our roots for living a STRONG life. 

I will be there to help mentor and support you for an ENTIRE year with only one, very affordable, initial investment that helps you get set up with the following tool box:
*A wifi streaming membership of over $1000 worth of world class fitness programs that is valid for an entire year (this includes three brand new programs that will be released in 2017)
*One on one virtual meeting with me to help fit you with the best fitness program for your goals
*Monthly Meal Plans and Recipe sharing
*30 days of superfood nutrition, Shakeology, to help you down the path of optimal health & energy
*Personal development growth and guidance
*Monthly newsletter with tips for living INSPIRED
*Use of a free fitness & nutrition tracking app where you can track your progress and goals
*Accountability, support, and new friendships as we travel this journey together!
*ALL for $160, which breaks down to only $13 per month!

I’ll only be accepting 5 new people each month to join Project Root Strength. NOW is always a wonderful time to try something new and create positive change in your life! I’d love to spend the next year growing with you!!

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